Why reviews matter for hotels

Hotel Reviews Are Impactful

I regularly add articles to Pocket, a tool which helps me retrieve online articles about various topics. One of these topics is ‘hotel reviews’. Below you will find some articles (out of many) that demonstrate the importance of reviews for hotels.

  • Getting your hotel staff to work for reviews - Ehotelier

    The internet has changed the way consumers make their purchases in that people can research their options online and read the opinions of their peers. These opinions, or reviews, are far more influential on a consumer’s purchasing decision than any content created by the organization simply because the organization has little control over said content. And this applies to the hospitality industry just as much as any other sector.

    It all starts with a certain mindset, and this article accurately describes how to create a guest-focused work environment.

    >> via Ehotelier

  • Higher TripAdvisor scores impact rates, so hotel first impressions matter

    You probably have seen the studies showing that TripAdvisor scores impact hotel rates. The correlation may seem obvious and intuitive, yet some of the findings are quite startling.

    Enabling positive reviews starts as soon as the guest gets in touch with The Hotel. A positive guest experience should be consistent throughout (research > booking > stay > post-stay).

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