Yves Frateur

Online Marketing Specialist
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About Me

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Yves Frateur

Yves Frateur

DotCom Manager @ The Hotel. Brussels

Via my education & work experiences I gained the necessary skills to become a valuable employee / consultant in a dynamic environment. Two personal characteristics – curious and eager to learn – are responsible for my passionate approach, and they enable my personal growth.

All things digital

What drives me …


✔ marketing
✔ advertising
✔ media
✔ & a whole lot of communication …


✔ Passionate by everything digital (advertising, innovations, …)
✔ Motivated teamplayer, who can also work indepentely.
✔ Google AdWords Qualified

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Until 2013 I blogged about all the (digital) things that I found on the Internet, and that interested me. After Posterous disappeared I noticed that my online activities shifted to my social channels, instead of my blog. So without further ado, here are feeds of my social channels on which I’m active.

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