All Things Digital - Issue #1

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Tools – A curated directory of marketing resources and tools

Curated by Ben Tossell, Built by Mubashar Iqbal, Designed by Daniel Kempe © 2015 Marketing Stack

WordPress – Don’t Launch a WordPress Site Before You Go Through This Checklist

Useful checklist reminder for WordPress owners.
SEO tips by @annaleacrowe

Coding – RegEx guide for Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Regular Expressions (RegEx) may seem complicated at first, but once you get to know them, you will manage your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager like never before. Regular Expression (RegEx) is a string describing a specific text pattern.

GTM – Google Tag Manager Data Layer explained like never before
If you have used Google Tag Manager (GTM) any longer than few days, you know that GTM does require good knowledge of HTML, DOM and JavaScript as prerequisite.

GTM – GAUC 2016 – Tijs Balcaen – Super advanced with Google Tag Manager
Upcoming SlideShare Loading in …5 × GAUC 2016 – Tijs Balcaen – Super advanced with Google Tag Manager 1. Super advanced with Google Tag Manager Tijs Balcaen 2. • 404 Errors • Youtube videos • Email pop-ups 3. TAGS 4. TRIGGERS 5. VARIABLES 6. DATA LAYER 7. 404 PAGES Discover them with GTM

Going outside


The Port House (Havenhuis in Dutch) is a remarkable piece of monumental architecture. If you have the chance to visit it, do so with a guide. It’s worth the effort if you’re interested in architecture and/or insights about the harbor of Antwerp.

Havenhuis by Zaha Hadid – Antwerp

Havenhuis by Zaha Hadid – Antwerp

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